Carnival Tycoon: Learning Probability for Fun and Profit

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In this project, you're going to learn about probability and statistics, and use your new knowledge to design, build, and test a succesful and profitable carnival game. When we run this project in-person, you even get to put together your carnival game on-campus at Delta College, in our construction lab. This might not be possible right now, but we still hope you can learn some engineering principles as you build your carnival games by yourself.

Surely you've heard many times by now that one of the things you might actually use the stuff you learn in math class for is "business". It might be hard to picture exactly how that works, though, especially some things that sound abstract and theoretical, like probability and statistics. By the end of this project, we hope you'll not only learn a lot about probability, but you'll be able to see how these mathematical theories can be applied to real problems from the real world.

Project Materials